Observing Egyptian Pedestrian Crossing Patterns

1. The Suicidal Street Crossers:
They tend to walk very slowly, looking in the opposite direction of traffic. No matter how loud you hoop or how much you flicker your light, they do not acknowledge your presence.
2. The Scare Tactics:
Usually consists of the younger generation, mostly early teens and male. They wait for your car to pass by and jump right in front of it. Mind you, they always laugh hysterically if your breaks screech or if they see a scared look on your face. Hey, its just for the fun of the thrill.
3. The Dreamers:
They are as slow as the suicidal crossers, but they tend to get angry if they realize you are about to hit them, and give you a look that says: “Didn’t you see me crossing, you idiot? Damn, you need to learn how to drive!”
4. The Make Belief Crossers:
They actually wait for the car traffic to clear a bit and they do look in the right direction. They then start to cross with an eager speed that seems to fade out midway, which completely puts off any driver’s calculations for avoiding a hit.
5. The Mothers:
They are either the smartest of the pedestrian species or the dumbest. They always place their children between them and the traffic direction. Now, try hitting a child!
6. The Elderly:
They are the kindest of the pedestrian species. They waist their remaining time in life waiting on the side of the road for any car to slow down, which mostly never happens.

2 Responses to “Observing Egyptian Pedestrian Crossing Patterns”

  1. The ones that pop out from between parked cars or buses, prompting a swerve or break reaction, and make you feel like you’re in a video game

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