I want no leader

The government keeps bringing forth the notion of having no one to talk to on our behalf. I do not want anyone to negotiate on my behalf. I have no leader and want no leader. This revolution might have been ignited by a few, but their anonymity is key to its success. January25 is a people’s revolution. It started out as a simple protest, grew into an uprising and finally matured into a revolution, because of the will of the masses.

“But, who should we negotiate with?” the government keeps repeating. Why do you expect me to delegate someone to negotiate with the government in the first place? How do you expect me to agree to negotiations with an entity whose legitimacy is unorganized by me to start with? I am not protesting on the streets calling for Mubarak to step down, I am calling for a regime change. This means a change in the system, including its head figure, key players and their followers. Is it inconceivable to ask for change from people I am demanding to be changed.
As for choosing a leader, I will not. I am opposed to the people’s movement being characterized in a figure or two. First of all, it is an elementary tool for a regime to control a movement. Leaders will become an easy target for the government to demonize, and a character slaughter campaign will start to shake the confidence of the masses in them. People with best of intentions wanting to lead this movement will be crushed in seconds. The protesters who placed their trust in them, will give up on the cause because those who are supposed to be the epitome of this revolution are not worth the sacrifice. Secondly, history has proven that every movement that was personified in a leader always strayed away from its initial cause. The movement becomes a tool to realize personal ideologies and convictions rather than the will of the masses. Moreover, power gets to the heads of people. Everyone in this movement had no public presence ahead of the uprising. How could I be guaranteed that all this public affection will not create a monster. I know I am being skeptical and rather negative, but I have been governed by a power hungry person for the past thirty years and my experience could not be described as pleasant. Furthermore, I do not want a charismatic and eloquent leader who will woo the masses with his/her suave words, and have them follow him/her like cattle. Mind you that the Egyptian public is unfortunately forty percent illiterate and highly emotionally driven. People have cried during Mubarak’s speech, just because he has mentioned that he wants to die on Egyptian soil. He has turned into a sympathetic figure and protesters have been demonized in a blink of a second with a simple sentence. Last but not least, having no leader is completely confusing the regime. The revolution’s actions are unpredictable; how will they study the behavior of an array of people by the millions according to most recent estimates. Our anonymous unity is making it impossible for the regime to infiltrate our lines, thus staying strong. I regard it as a tactical strength.
So, no I want no leader. It is the revolution of the masses and should stay so.


One Response to “I want no leader”

  1. I totally agree. Recognition can get to a person's head as well, as we have seen; we are human after all. It's already happened though, some are getting recognition for 'starting the revolution', calling them heroes. I worry about that because like you said, a person can stray when in the limelight. The ego is one of our biggest enemies. I feel very uncomfortable when I find someone talking on our behalf. I act because of my initiatives, not because I'm a sheep in the herd following my master.

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