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Maged: A police brutality victim

Maged’s story sheds light on what happens to protesters in Tahrir, and therefore I decided to share it here. I briefly got introduced to Maged (aka. @Magbutter) through Mona El Tahawy (aka. @monaeltahawy) at around 11.30pm on November 23rd, 2011 in Tahrir. A couple of hours later both of them were arrested, brutally beaten, assaulted and […]

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Egyptian Parliamentary Elections: A Logistical Nightmare

I was watching the administrative head of the Egyptian parliamentary elections (2011) on television, when it all of a sudden hit me that by sheer numbers the elections are a logistical nightmare. He mentioned that in phase 1 alone, covering 9 governates, there are 18.5 million eligible voters, voting in roughly 3500 stations, and 10 […]

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