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من البيت للقبر

بغض النظر عن الظروف اللي أدت لوفاة أربع ستات في المنصورة.. الكام كلمة اللي مكتوبين دول عن موقف الإخوان والسلفيين من المرأة. الصراحة تغير موقف الإخوان والسلفيين من دور المرأة في الأيام اللي فاتت حاجة تضايق.. في الأول فتاوي وأحكام إن الستات ما تنزلش مظاهرات وإنهم لازم يقعدوا في البيت.. وأيام ست البنات قالوا وقالوا […]

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3 centimeters

Every time I hear people justifing the increasing sexual harassment phenomenon in Egypt by the way girls and women dress, my blood pressure shoots up the roof, although I suffer from low blood pressure. Veiled friends of mine are just as much harassed as non veiled ones. But, I will not use other people to […]

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From thereon my car window remained closed

It was a lovely mid June afternoon, the sun was setting, a beautiful breeze in the air. I was in my car with a female friend of mine, stuck in traffic in Roxy area. We were chatting and laughing, careless about time and traffic. Adding to our amazing car ride was the good music playing […]

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Egyptian girls take initiative

The girls of the German School in Cairo (DSB) take to the streets in their school neighbourhood and start a cleaning campaign.

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