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Egyptian Parliamentary Elections: A Logistical Nightmare

I was watching the administrative head of the Egyptian parliamentary elections (2011) on television, when it all of a sudden hit me that by sheer numbers the elections are a logistical nightmare. He mentioned that in phase 1 alone, covering 9 governates, there are 18.5 million eligible voters, voting in roughly 3500 stations, and 10 […]

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3 centimeters

Every time I hear people justifing the increasing sexual harassment phenomenon in Egypt by the way girls and women dress, my blood pressure shoots up the roof, although I suffer from low blood pressure. Veiled friends of mine are just as much harassed as non veiled ones. But, I will not use other people to […]

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From thereon my car window remained closed

It was a lovely mid June afternoon, the sun was setting, a beautiful breeze in the air. I was in my car with a female friend of mine, stuck in traffic in Roxy area. We were chatting and laughing, careless about time and traffic. Adding to our amazing car ride was the good music playing […]

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When will I trust the police?

On the 28th of January 2011, police presence on the streets was strong and felt. Many of us did not just see them on the streets, but clashed with them, felt their wrath or even lost their lives because of them. The police used all known brutality tactics to subdue the masses, who were peacefully […]

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Observing Egyptian Pedestrian Crossing Patterns

1. The Suicidal Street Crossers: They tend to walk very slowly, looking in the opposite direction of traffic. No matter how loud you hoop or how much you flicker your light, they do not acknowledge your presence. 2. The Scare Tactics: Usually consists of the younger generation, mostly early teens and male. They wait for your car […]

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